TSBE's 2022 Let’s Shape Up Darling Downs Corporate Challenge aims to improve the overall wellbeing of our community by creating an engaging and interactive competition. 

Start date: Monday 7th Feb

This 4-week challenge is designed to get your team moving more, feeling better and learn 

about each business within the challenge and our community. 

This page allows you to register your business and provide the key contact for the business.


The challenge will be delivered simultaneously via 3 methods:

Corporate Challenge Encourages staff to improve their wellbeing through business vs business competition

Team Challenge Encourages staff to improve their wellbeing through team competition.

Individual Wellbeing Challenge Developed to engage staff that want to get involved but may have obstacles to physical exercise. 


The challenge runs for 4 weeks starting 7th Feb and will lead into the 2022 community-based fun run/walk Peak2Park.

The challenge will involve an interactive experience to encourage participants to learn more about all businesses participating in the challenge and acquire information about our region.

These interactive activities will involve the collection of QR codes, which, when scanned, open relevant information about:

Businesses competing in the challenge

Community walking tracks around the Toowoomba region

Different landmarks throughout our community

Cost: $750 (plus GST) per business 

Payment must be made at point of registration



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