About the Wellbeing Hub

Welcome to the Willows Wellbeing Hub - powered by Springday and brought to you by Willows. We will hold your hand day-by-day to help you achieve your fitness, health and wellness goals.

The Willows Wellbeing Hub is;

  • Positive - Our goal setting tools and motivational in touch emails inspire you to achieve your weight loss, health and wellness goals.
  • Simple - Our straightforward day-by-day points system will enable you to eat well, relax and exercise right. Track your results and get excited about your progress.
  • Natural - No gimmicks just proven honest advice and exercise programs from Springday experts who truthfully embody what they stand for and live it out in their own lives.
  • Energetic - Feel great! Join the supportive Randstad community and share your experiences and weight loss, health, wellness and exercise tips. Or buddy up and find someone to train with.

Features of the Willows Wellbeing Hub;

1) Personal exercise training programs

  • Walking programs
  • 5km, 10km and Half-marathon running programs
  • Swimming and Triathlon programs
  • Skiing programs
  • Exercise during pregnancy including 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester

2) My Day tracking system

  • Record daily if you have been following your program
  • Watch your progress and get excited about your results

3) Wellbeing articles:

4) Online community:

  • Join exercise and motivational groups
  • Share your journey and success stories

5) Wellness providers:

  • Find local wellness services providers in your area from gyms and nutritionists to yoga studios and massage therapists. And lots more!

Got a question?

Email us at info@willowshealth.com.au.

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Health Living on a Budget Workshop


Upcoming Events

September 14th: Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat

September 24th: Healthy Living on a Budget Workshops 11am & 6pm

September 29th: Willows Pet Walk


What is your wellbeing goal
for 2019?

Veronique - QLD
Consistency with gym attendance 3 days per week and greater spiritual and mental wellness