30 days of fitness: Look and feel fab in 30 days

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While we do not promote quick weight loss solutions, it is possible to see and feel significant changes in your body within 30 days by following a well-designed fitness program and a balanced nutrition plan. However, your journey to wellness should not end in the said period. With a progressive exercise program and by making sure that your body gets proper nutrition permanently, not only do you lose weight - you also keep away the pounds you lost and maintain your newly developed muscles.

You can diet and work out as hard as you can for thirty days, but the truth is it is not enough time to bulk up or lose a drastic amount of fat. If any pill or diet program makes any such promise, either it is a lie or it is merely a short-term non-sustainable solution. We always keep reminding our readers that setting big goals and adopting a healthier lifestyle are what would lead to achieving optimum fitness and wellness.


Shaping up

If you are going to be doing 30-days of fitness you need a fitness program, so pick one of the many programs on the Health Hub or consult a professional trainer who will customise a safe and manageable fitness program for you. You should aim for a balance of strength, stretching and cardio in your programs, and try to do at least 20mins of high-intensity cardio at least three times a week. A well-balanced exercise program is what you need and its success depends upon your determination to reach your goal and believing in what you are doing.


The road to healthy living

A lifestyle change may seem insurmountable at first and you may be having second thoughts about getting started. The first 30 days can be the hardest, but once you have formed the habit and acquired the right mindset, deviating from the good habits will soon be the difficult thing to do. Fear of failure is among the many emotions you may feel as you begin your journey to a healthier life. Overcome these fears by breaking down your ultimate goal into smaller realistic goals. Instead of thinking I will train for 1 hour every day, just start by finding 10 minutes a day.


Losing weight for good!

In 2007 the World Health Organisation reports that 67.4% of Australians are overweight with about 20% of adults falling under ‘obese.' The statistics are expected to further increase. By shifting to a healthier lifestyle and upholding a commitment to diet and exercise - within the next 30 days and beyond - you can shed those excess pounds and develop a stronger body, be more immune to diseases, and feel good about yourself.


The next 30 days

Once you have mastered the first 30, it is time for the next! The key to developing habits: making exercise a habit and making eating right a habit. A habit is developed through the continuous repetition of an act. Halfway through the 30 days, you may start losing motivation or feel too sore, so that you might be tempted to skip a day. Try crossing out each day that you worked out on the calendar. Seeing a physical manifestation of your progress should help you stay focused.

Good luck - we hope it is the start of a lifelong journey!

Written by Cassandra Duell 

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