5 mind motivators to keep you exercising

It is well known that you must be in the right frame of mind to exercise, and often it can be a struggle to keep exercising when its chilly or wet and rainy outside. For many of us myself included we often have bad days or weeks during winter and find our 'inner voice' saying "It is too cold to get out of bed" "I am tired" "It's too dark I would rather go straight home than to the gym" sound familiar?

Maintaining the enthusiasm to exercise requires another mindset altogether. As we get fitter and stronger so does our mental attitude so in order to keep on track in achieving your exercise fitness and wellness goals try these mind-benders to boost your intensity and keep your mind on the task during winter!


Top 5 mind motivators

Here are the top 5 mind motivators to keep you exercising:

  1. Try new gear for an exercise you already do

    New equipment not only stimulates you physically but also mentally. You have to pay more attention to your efforts and much of the increase in strength and coordination comes from challenging your mind to work your body in new ways. If you are building a strong neuromuscular pathway you are building a better body.

  2. Be an athlete!

    Just for that workout imagine you are an Olympic athlete. Focus and work the way you imagine an athlete would! Think you are at the London Olympics about to run into the stadium and you have one lap to go hear the sound of the crowd cheer you on and visualise what it would be like to receive a gold medal (even if that is just running to the end of the street).

  3. Go shopping

    Your workout gear is like a uniform. A soldier behaves a certain way because of a mindset that is tied to the uniform. A karate black belt wears the uniform as a sign of a warrior's mindset. Getting some warm exercise gear pair of joggers or running pants may not make you lethal but it can make you feel serious. The latest look can make you feel good while you workout and “babe you look gorgeous" never hurt anyone's enthusiasm to hike it to the gym!

  4. Vary your location

    When it's cold outside maybe try an indoor class like yoga or pilates. If you haven't done a beach run in a while then head to the sand. A change of location can offer a distraction from a tough workout or a chance to vague out and enjoy the view. Mental fatigue is as much a problem as physical burnout.

  5. Create a new playlist

    Research has proven that perception of effort is altered when listening to a soundtrack with heavy percussion. Plugging in the iPod with a loud drum solo might help you get over the flagging middle section of your workout.


Happy exercising!


Written by Meg Surmon, Revive Personal Training

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