Activity to steps conversion chart

2 minutes

Not a fan of walking?  There are lots of ways to increase your daily step count that you may not have considered remember it's more about 'moving' than 'walking'.

  • Yoga or Pilates = 1140 steps/15mins
  • Kayaking or canoeing = 1590 steps/15mins
  • Sports like tennis, netball, football and basketball = 3630 steps/15mins
  • Washing the car = 1305 steps/15mins
  • Swimming moderately = 3180 steps/15 mins
  • Gardening = 1815 steps/15mins
  • Golf = 2040 steps/15mins

Anything you can think of that gets you up and moving can be tracked and added to your step count. Check out the list of common activities and how many steps they convert to below:


Activity conversion chart
step conversion chart

For more detailed activities, click here.


Heart rate

A great way of keeping track of the intensity of your workout is to monitor your heart rate and figure out a Target Heart Rate Zone. You'll first need to calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 (e.g.: if you're 30 years old your max HR is 190 beats per minute). This is just an estimate but it's close enough for the purpose of calculating workout target zones. Your intensity is expressed as a percentage of your Maximum Heart Rate (HR Max). Some people like to use a Heart Rate Monitor to keep themselves on track.

If you're making the effort to exercise you may as well make it worthwhile - and remember to track your efforts too!

Trust your body. It will let you know how you're going and if you're working hard enough or letting yourself off lightly. It's up to you. Listen to your body and you'll reach your goals.


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