Are you guilty of these common fitness blunders?

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You've been working hard to get fit lose weight and tone your muscles. You exercise regularly watch what you eat, lift weights, and do cardio workouts - but the number on the scale always disappoints. Ever wonder why the statistics don't add up? A probable reason for your constant failure to reach your fitness goals is that you may be committing a common fitness blunder. These mistakes though easy to overlook may affect the results of your workout and can even lead to injuries. However once addressed, knowing what these blunders are, makes all the difference:


Top 7 fitness blunders:

  1. Skipping warm-up, cool-down and stretching exercises

    You may feel that these low-intensity exercises are just a waste of time, but every fitness professional will tell you that warm-up, cool-down and stretching exercises should always be the foundation of any exercise program. Think of them as a way for your body and mind to prepare for and recover from exercise. They relieve tension loosen up your muscles and connective tissues and increase blood flow and oxygen to fuel your body. 

  2. Expecting instant results

    It is common among exercisers to be impatient and seek instant gratification for all the hard work they put in. However, you must understand and accept that reaching your fitness goals can take weeks or months. Consistency with your workout routines is a must in order for your body to adjust to the stress that comes with exercise. Gradually your strength and endurance will improve. As a result, your metabolism speeds up allowing you to lose weight more quickly. Whilst we all watch weight loss shows on the TV which has people losing 5-10 kilos a week this is not realistic for the majority of us it is reasonable to expect a 0.5 kg - 1kg weight loss each week. 

  3. Incorrect execution

    Exercise in relation to human physique is a science that has been studied for decades. Studies have been conducted machines invented and myths and new knowledge introduced to differentiate effective and ineffective exercise techniques and methods. You may be using a machine improperly or simply doing a routine the wrong way which is why you are not getting the results or even worse you are injuring yourself. A certified personal trainer can help you correct possible mistakes.

  4. Failure to consult a fitness professional

    With the availability of instructional videos and self-help workout manuals, people tend to start workout programs on their own. While it may not be harmful, you may already be committing fitness blunders not be getting the maximum efficiency out of all your efforts. Stop the guesswork and seek the assistance of a certified fitness instructor who will be more than glad to design a workout program specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

  5. Overexertion

    In your eagerness to get fit as fast as possible you might already be pushing yourself too. A good workout should leave you feeling worn out but rejuvenated. Feeling too exhausted or too sore to perform other exercises for the rest of your gym session is a sign of overexertion. Let an experienced trainer guide you through a comprehensive workout program that will ensure that exercises you perform translate into significant weight loss. Remember as cliched as it sounds slow and steady wins the race. You wouldn't expect to run a marathon or even 10 km without having done the preparation same goes for all sorts of training.

  6. Lack of a well-rounded exercise regimen

    Sticking exclusively to one type of exercise routine or focusing on a specific part of your body when doing workouts does not guarantee results. What you need is a well-balanced exercise program to allow your body to change. It is important to mix aerobic and strength training programs to deal not just with one but all areas of the body. Thinking that 100 sit-ups a day is the way to washboard abs or to removing your muffin top, unfortunately, doesn't work - you need a blend of cardio strength and stretch.

  7. Lack of intensity during workouts

    Maintaining focus while you are exercising is one way to increase the intensity of your workout. Overexertion is one thing but not putting too much hard work on your exercises is not a good thing either. You would need to maintain a certain level of intensity on your workouts and eventually over time increase and vary the intensity as needed by working out for a longer period increasing distance or weight running or working out on an incline and cross-training. Avoiding watching TV or reading a book while on the treadmill is also not a bad start.


The best way to ensure you are getting a well-rounded fitness program is to ensure you have a blend of cardio strength and stretch.

Written by Andrew Verdon

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