Avoid becoming a couch potato - It is footy fever time

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While we watch our teams fight it out for victory, some of us fantasize about being on the field, whilst others dream about replicating the awesome abs and guns of steel.

So why not introduce a bit of fitness fun for yourself and your fellow fans for this year's finals.


Top 5 ways to avoid turning into a couch potato these finals:

  1. Create your own competition

    Whether the winner gets the title, the reputation, or perhaps even some money, get the adrenaline flowing and introduce a halftime competition between yourself and your mates. Try to see how many pushups can be done in 1 or 2 mins, then try sit-ups. Not only are you benefiting from releasing stress hormones (particularly if your team may be losing) but you are also working on key muscles in the body - your abs and core with sit-ups, and triceps, shoulders, and chest with pushups.

  2. Avoid the booze blues

    Anyone who's had a hangover knows that alcohol in excess wreaks havoc on your body. But did you know that aside from the toxic effects of alcohol on your system, it also provides you with excess calories? Alcohol has 7 calories (29 kJ) per gram second only to fat (9 calories/ 37kJ per gram). One standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol which yields 70 calories from alcohol alone (not to mention sugar also contained in many alcoholic drinks). If you have one standard drink every night of the week this is equivalent to consuming 5 Tim Tams worth of extra calories per week! So to minimise the amount that you drink try having mineral water in between each alcoholic beverage and use low-calorie mixes such as coke zero instead of coke.

  3. Become a MasterChef

    Hmm pizzas - perfect footy watching food, but rather than ordering in the calorie-rich fast-food variety, why not try your hand at making your own - they will be healthier, fresher, and maybe even tastier. Go gourmet and switch the ham and pineapple for a rocket, parmesan, and prosciutto, or try tomato, bocconcini, and fresh basil. Similarly, with the snacks lighten them up and switch the peanuts for the Japanese kind - edamame and mix up the bowl of chocolate with trail mix

  4. Leave the car behind

    Give yourself a warm-up before you watch the game and do some cardio. Jump on a bike go for a run or head to the gym - anything that will get the heart pumping. The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) recommending adults under 65 do 30 minutes 5 days a week of moderate-intensity cardio and strength training twice per week.

  5. Make it a "pick up"

    If you are definitely not the king of the kitchen and takeaway is more your thing, then go for the "pick up" option. Choose a joint that is close to your place and walk to get it at halftime. Not only will you be getting out of the house for some fresh air, but that food will taste even better for the effort.

Most importantly enjoy the finals, and may the best team win!

Written by Georgie Drury

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