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Like most things we do in life if we have a good reason the details work themselves out on the way. When I first thought about why I wanted to run, it was to lose weight. When the weight fell off my reason for running began to change. I then ran to maintain a healthy weight to socialize with friends challenge myself with a 10km fun run beat my boyfriend in a 10km fun run which lead to running marathon's and hitting personal best times whilst combing it with a holiday at times. Running has given me so much joy I have grown to love it and you can too.

Annabel's Reason to Run: ‘Running gives me confidence it keeps me fit and has done amazing things for my ass'.

Tim's Reason to Run: ‘I was unemployed having a running goal changed my focus from feeling like I wasn't achieving anything to ‘getting high' off endorphins (the happy hormones) and feeling good about myself completing my first ever fun run.

Margaret's Reason to Run: Margaret started running at 67yrs old, when after the death of her son she wanted to loose the 25kgs she put on through grieving and fight depression. At 69yrs old she completed her first half marathon and is on the way to reaching her goal of raising $70000 for cancer.

There are 3 common themes that can hold people back from achieving their running goals. These are; time, motivation and injury. In most cases with a little forward thinking these things can be avoided. Most people enjoy having some structure to their fitness planning your runs at the start of each week helps people commit to their running. Many people struggle to self-motivate. What things could you put in place to keep you motivated? Research shows by meeting a friend you are 7 x more likely to exercise and it's a whole lot more fun! If you can't lure a friend you might like to join an organised group and meet some new friends. Injury prevention is essential so investing in some good running shoes and a regular massage might just be the thing to keep you going.

Running diva Dee's tips for ease

  1. Invest in comfortable shoes it's the best form of injury prevention.
  2. Running for 30 second intervals is a fantastic start. If you're a regular runner it might be a good time to stretch yourself with time or distance
  3. Always use a training program you'll only get fitter and stronger and it's a great way to track your progress
  4. Like any new skill you'll need to educate yourself if anything to make it easier.
  5. Convince a friend to run with you the time will go quickly and before you know you'll be sitting down to a well earned delicious breakfast
  6. Seek medical advice; if you have any physical conditions that may stop you have them checked out before you begin
  7. Remind yourself every time you put your runners on why you run

So before you put on your runners have a good think and consider why you are doing it it just makes it that little bit easier. Is there anything likely to prevent you from starting or get in your way? Do you need to do prepare anything before you start? When would be a good day to start?

If you've been running for a while it's a great idea to review why you run it's bound to have changed since you first started. My reason to run now is to inspire others to start running and show people how having a running goal can enrich your life in so many ways.

Written by Dee Brennan.

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