Boot camp brigade: We want you!

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As the warmer months come around once again, the days seem longer and people are generally more active, there are more opportunities for social engagements, and seasonal outfits mean that a little more flesh will show. Many of us step into spring and summer thinking seriously about how to get into shape, maybe even thinking ‘this is the year that I'm going to do myself proud and knock ‘em dead!' What you need is an exercise program that will kick-start your stamina, urge you to commit, and work brilliantly on burning fat, toning muscle and building bone density. Yet you don't want to join a gym or even train inside, so what is out there for you? Boot Camp!

Boot camps were once only the domain of the military, but nowadays the fitness industry has heeded the boot camp call after directly observing the kind of staggering physical results that can be delivered by using a bit of old-school discipline.  Don't let this put you off, as fitness boot camps are now designed to keep you wanting to come back for more (so there is no ego - bruising bellowing, but instead more helpful hollering to encourage you along as you are put through your paces) and believe it or not, they are ultimately a lot of fun. You don't have to be intimidated either with big, gruff men sweating and grunting, there are boot camps designed by women for women.

After the netball season had come to a jubilant end for another year, I was in need of finding a way of keeping fit that let me earn my exercise points that I could really sink my teeth into, that would give me a leg-up in the fitness stakes, and that would still keep me in good company with a core group of fitness fun-seekers. I also wanted to look and feel well hot for summer. Why not?! Booty camp has found yet another recruit, as I recently joined the many who are signing up to get in on the action. …

Here are some other things to expect from joining the masses that are experiencing the benefits of belonging to a boot camp brigade:


Benefits of a Boot Camp

  • Physical prowess: There's never a dull moment with the combination of cardiovascular, weight resistance, stretching and high-intensity exercises that give the entire body a thorough workout that leaves you feeling all aglow and raring to face the world. The results you begin to feel and see after one week of sessions speak for themselves.
  • Smells like team spirit: Working out with others creates a tribal feel where we all come together and will each other to accelerate our shared fitness goals. When you are all in it together, the sense of support that is cultivated within the group encourages you to stick to it and give your self-worth a big high-five.
  • Military-style motivation: Boot camp succeeds in sharpening your priorities away from the brigade, and impels you to not sweat the small stuff in other areas of your life.

You may not be in the army - so there certainly won't be any talk of killing - although after enlisting in a boot camp you could well find yourself with a body to die for! 


Written by Georgie Drury

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