Do something good for yourself

Finding yourself always caught up with work, family and social events? It's clichéd to mention how busy the modern lifestyle is, but it's the reason we all need to take time out. Stepping back and doing something good for you is important in preserving your personal wellbeing.

Here are five of our favourite ways to take time out.

Book a weekend away

Everyone loves a holiday, and a short break is a perfect rejuvenation. For some people planning the trip is half the fun, and sites like or have hundreds of options for a weekender. And if you love camping, no one's going to stop you doing that instead - just remember to book your favourite spot in advance to avoid disappointment.

Get a massage

Don't think a massage has to be a birthday or holiday treat—those are the times you probably need one the least! If something is getting you down or you just need a break, book yourself in to de-stress both body and mind.

Plan a big day out

Can't find a chance to book a full weekend away? Pick a day you're free, do your research on TimeOut or The Thousands, and plan a jam-packed day of activities. Throw in a walk, a dip at the beach, a visit to an art gallery, a bike ride, a long lunch, a picnic or a concert—whatever gets you excited! Plus, lots of these activities don't set you back more than the cost of transport and lunch. If you don't have a full day, book yourself in for a movie or long dinner with friends. Making plans in advance will give you something to look forward to, and means you can make the most of your days off.

Relax with meditation

Want to improve your focus and better understand your mind? Make meditation a regular part of your day to unwind and keep stress at bay, and remember it can be included in even the busiest of schedules. Plus, don't neglect being mindful in your daily life.

Learn a new skill

"Doing something good for yourself" can mean setting a new goal. Trying new things is a great way challenge yourself and maybe even find a new passion. Learn a language if that interests you, or try playing golf or sailing a boat. Cooking classes will inspire you to be more inventive in the kitchen, especially if your favourite weapon in the kitchen is currently the microwave. Even try a new form of exercise—a martial art will get you fit and test your mental resolve, team sports are lots of fun and a great way to make new friends, and yoga can improve both your mental and physical health.

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