Dry July

Do something good for your health this winter, by taking a break from alcohol with Dry July!

By taking part, you’ll give up alcohol for the month of July, enjoy hang-over free mornings, and raise money for adult cancer patients. You can see some of the projects they’ve previously funded on the Dry July Tumblr.

Dry July is also a good chance to evaluate your drinking habits. A lot of Australians don't think they drink much, but in reality, many of us are having far more than a healthy amount. The social acceptance of alcohol makes it easy to ignore its harm, but it doesn't mean they don’t exist - mental health problems, liver disease, and general alcohol-related injuries are some obvious examples.

Celebrities like Karl Stefanovic are jumping on board alongside thousands of ordinary Australians, so you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping drinks when you’re out with your friends.

How to register

Head over to au.dryjuly.com and sign up today.

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