Fact or fiction: Do these wellness trends deliver?

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Everywhere we look there is another quick fix promise to lose weight and get fit and healthy. So let's take a look at the truth behind the trend.


Low-carb diets are good for you: FICTION

Cutting down on carbohydrates has long been thought of as the end-all solution to losing weight. Basically, this means cutting down on your sugar and starch intake and compensating energy loss with increased protein intake. The principle behind it is that sugary and starchy food promotes insulin production which in turn makes you gain more weight. By depriving your body of carbohydrates it would then start burning reserve energy or fats in your body.

You will experience drastic weight loss at the beginning of your low-carb because your body will burn glycogen or stored carbohydrates. The bad news is that you're not actually burning body fat, but releasing a lot of water. Instead of going on a low to no-carb diet eat a balanced diet and ditch processed food.


Boot camps are bad for women: FICTION

Boot camp exercise attracts a lot of male supporters but it just seems to detract women who would like to lose weight. Otherwise known as resistance training or weight training, many women shy away from the boot camp exercise trend because they're afraid of being too bulky or too muscular and masculine.

Resistance training is actually very helpful for women who would like to keep the weight off if only because muscles help to burn off stored fat. A fit, muscular and lean body just processes energy more efficiently. Weight training is also very beneficial for women because it promotes greater bone density especially for those who are already in their post-menopausal years. The increased muscle mass in women who put themselves on a boot camp exercise regimen staves off the body fat mass which most sedentary women have. Plus exercising in a group can also help with motivation! 


Pilates is excellent for strength and flexibility: FACT

Pilates is the art of making precise movements that strengthen the core and the main muscles of your body. This is in stark contrast to other resistance training which focuses more on repetition rather than the science of imposing the right amount of force on precisely the right muscle of the body.
Pilates is a time-saving exercise regimen that promotes both the flexibility and the strength of both men and women from beginners to advanced. Anyone who has ever tried pilates can vouch for its effectiveness. Other benefits of Pilates include the fact it is good for stress management and improves your posture. Pilates is best learned in a class with an instructor guiding your other movements. It's easy to do this at home with an exercise mat and a video. If you are doing this unsupervised though make sure you're extra careful. As with all exercise regimens, the wrong move can seriously cause injuries.

Written by Andrew Verdon

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