Five smart ways to beat the winter bulge

The cold and wet winter months can make you feel lazy. What you really want to do is curl up cosily in your bed and reach out for the best comfort foods available in your fridge. But remember this is the prime time to start piling on those extra pounds. So this year instead of panicking when the swimsuit season is upon us why not try to stay active and fit this winter. Try our "Beat the Bulge" winter strategy. 


Top 5 tips for “beating the winter bulge"

1. Fill up on fruit and veggies

According to a recent survey from the Dieticians Association of Australia, Australians tend to eat more comfort foods including rich calorie-filled dinners and desserts during the colder months. This increase in calories can lead to winter weight gain. Thus to ensure you do your best to stave off any calorie creep even during winter try to go for at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day.

2. Watch your portion size 

Are you suffering from portion distortion? According to Melinda McGrice, a practising Dietician, in winter we are more tempted to ask for seconds and increase our serving sizes. It is important to be aware of your portion sizes because larger portions mean more calories consumed. It's not just what you eat, but how much.

3. Increase your water intake 

During winter it is still important to stay hydrated and have enough fluids. Often we think we are hungry when actually we could be thirsty - before reaching for the sugary snack, have a glass of water first wait 10 minutes then see how you feel.

4. Get active 

The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) has released new basic recommendations for how much exercise we should be doing each week; 30 minutes, 5 days a week of moderate-intensity cardio or 20 minutes a day of vigorous-intensity cardio AND complete strength training twice per week. Remember the 30 minutes does not have to be done all at once instead you can combine a number of activities together e.g. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs to walk or cycle to the local shops for milk and bread instead of drive. 

5. Get some rays

Try to get as much sunlight whenever possible vitamin D naturally elevates your mood which can also help you from reaching for the Mars Bar.


Written by Andrew Verdon

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