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Are you looking to move more, but often bored by exercise? Australia has been hit by a fun run phenomenon, and it's probably the answer you’ve been looking for. And not just ordinary fun runs either – events like the Color Run and adventure challenges like Tough Mudder have inspired a whole range of themed events all over the country.


Why you should sign up

We’ve already written why entering an event is the perfect motivation to get moving. It gives you a goal, a way to measure your progress, and an awesome sense of achievement once you complete it. And, nothing gets you out of the house to train like the prospect of turning up underprepared on race-day – use your nerves as motivation!


How to prepare

The first thing to do is sign up to one of the events below. Whatever your level of fitness, you’ll likely want at least a month to prepare.

Next, find a partner or a group to sign up with you. This isn’t 100% necessary, but it can be a lot more exciting to do it together. Some events like the Color Run are only nominally a race, and much of the fun comes in having a day out with friends. It also makes the training more interesting – plan a run together once or twice a week, and combine it with coffee or dinner. Try booking a game of tennis or a game of touch footy to get moving. Involving exercise in your social calendar is a great way to make it a long-term habit, and can make catching up much more fun.

So here is a list of themed events around the country, ranging from fun runs to obstacle courses.


The Calendar:

Colour Run
One of the biggest events going around, entrants wear white clothes and run through clouds of colour. If you’re looking for a ‘race’, this isn’t it – it’s all about a big day out with friends and family (and some photos to remember it by!)
Gold Coast, July; Sydney, August; Adelaide, September; Perth, November; Melbourne, November.

Raw Challenge
A course full of over 30 “outrageous" obstacles that should both challenge beginners and the ultra-fit.
Sydney, May; Gold Coast, October; Sydney, November.

The Stampede
A 5km or 10km obstacle course great for anyone wanting to try an ‘adventure’-style race. Bring your kids along too – even keep them occupied with the 1km Junior Stampede.
Brisbane, September; Sydney, October; Melbourne, November.

Tough Mudder
An 18-20km adventure course designed to test strength, stamina, teamwork, and “mental grit." Training is obviously a must – this is the self-described “toughest event on the planet… probably."


Written by Jack Rothery

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