How to avoid on the job weight gain

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How many hours a day do you sit at your desk?


Australian researchers have discovered that a sedentary job is a health concern. Men who were found to be sitting at their desk for more than six hours a day were nearly twice as likely to be overweight as the men who sat for less than 45 minutes a day. Women in the office, however, do spend an average of 20 minutes extra on their feet. But it has been found that both men and women fall into sedentary, on-the-job weight gain. It is an alarming statistic but 54% of Australian's are overweight or obese. What is causing this? Your lifestyle, work, nutrition and exercise choices determine your health and wellness.


Top ten ways to prevent weight gain at work

As stated 54% of the Australian population is overweight or obese. Ensure you are not another statistic. Incorporate healthy lunch options, incidental exercise or even a routine sporting game or visit to the gym into your everyday life. These are simple and easy options to ensure you maintain a healthy level of fitness. This goes hand in hand with your wellbeing.

  1. Make your lunch break a priority

    It is not uncommon for people to arrive at work then their day disappears with meetings, phone calls and a myriad of emails. Finally, at 3 pm they realise they have not eaten since breakfast. Instead of grabbing the chocolate bar from the staff vending machine, make it a priority to have a healthy and tasty lunch. Book time out in your schedule to ensure you don't get interrupted.

  2. Choose a healthy lunch

    Once you make lunch a priority you need to ensure you are choosing healthy options. Ideally, a freshly packed sandwich or salad brought from home would save you money and the temptation to eat takeaway fried food. But if that is not an option to ensure the food court and cafés you go to do have healthy options. 

  3. Get active

    Taking an active break from work can help you relax, reduce stress. It will enable you to find the energy for the afternoon and can help keep off the kgs. Take your lunch break outside - walk for 20 minutes and find a park bench or a quiet place to sit down and eat your lunch. You could also go for a lunchtime jog or join the gym; anything to increase your heart rate. Even consider simply taking the stairs instead of the lift.

  4. Get your colleagues involved

    Many companies are now supporting workplace sporting teams. Find a lunchtime touch football netball or soccer competition for you and your colleagues can join. Or encourage your work colleagues to take a lunch break walk together, or go to the gym after work together.

  5. Have a work get-fit challenge

    Speak to your HR department and encourage your organisation to create your own weight loss challenge. This will result in positive morale for your company and increase team building and ultimately modify sedentary behaviour. Healthy employees lead to higher rates of productivity.

  6. Eat healthy snacks

    If you need to take a break from work or need an afternoon pick-me-up to ensure it is healthy snacks you are eating rather than a chocolate bar. Have a healthy fruit box in the office rather than a cookie jar.

  7. Drink water

    Keep a bottle of water on your desk. It gives your hands something to do when you're bored or stressed and can help to stop you eating snacks. The incidental exercise you do when you need to refill it also keeps you moving.

  8. Reduce your use of technology

    Email and the telephone are amazing modern advances yet they keep you from moving. Instead of using technology, take advantage of the opportunity to get up and be active. Speak to your colleague in person.

  9. Choose active ways to get to work

    If you use public transport get off two stops before you need to and walk the rest of the way. If you drive, ensure you park as far away as possible to get those extra steps into your day. For more information check out our articles on incidental exercise.

  10. Take the stairs

    We tend to rely far too much on lifts to get us up and down. Not only is it a waste of time waiting for it to come to your floor, but you can also be helping your heart and your wellness by taking the stairs.


Written by Cassandra Duell

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