How to play the Easter calorie game and win

Easter is often a time for indulging, for eating and drinking with friends. But in order to win the battle of the bulge this Easter you need to play a ‘zero-sum game'. It's very simple - calories in should equal calories out. Here are our top 5 Easter treats and how to burn the extra calories.

  1. Hot cross bun (medium)

    The humble hot cross bun has been taking pride of place at our supermarkets for many months now. One hot cross bun provides approximately 230 calories. But remember with hot cross bun comes hot cross run! You need 30 mins of running to burn this off.

  2. Lindt bunny (100gm)

    The beautiful Lindt bunny resplendent in its red ribbon almost looks too good to eat. This edible art packs a powerful 543 calories. So you really need to get the big guns out to burn this bunny. Three hours of painting the house or an afternoon of kayaking will ensure you win this round.

  3. Cadbury Dairy Milk mini solid eggs (4 x mini chocolate eggs)

    Such a small handful of solid eggs is worth 148 calories. But don't despair you can balance it out with an hour of dancing with friends, or by taking the kids fishing (1 hour burns an average of 207 calories).

  4. Cadbury cream eggs (39g)

    These tasty delights provide a smashing 172 calories. This can easily be burned off with a game of Ultimate Frisbee with friends at the beach (20 min of frisbee will burn approximately 200 calories).

  5. The inevitable Easter drinks

    As we eat drink and be merry be mindful of the liquid calories you are consuming. The more popular beverages will provide the following calories:

    Beer (stubbie/can) 135 calories
    White Wine (160ml) 112 calories
    Red Wine (160ml) 109 calories
    Champagne (160ml) 113 calories

    To balance the Easter bevies you could consider an hour at the golf driving range preferably before the drinks (177 calories burned). Or finish the night with a sing-along - one hour of playing the guitar will burn off approximately 200 calories. But remember to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive.

So it's easy to have that Easter treats but remember to play it as a zero-sum game - calories in means calories out.


Written by Carly McMillan

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