How to walk 10,000 steps every day

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You want to get fit and you want to have some more wiggle room in your jeans but did you know that you don't have to slog it out at the gym and get all hot and sweaty - you can actually walk your way to wellness!

Here are our top 10 tips for reaching the recommended 10000 steps every day.


Squeeze in more steps!

  1. Get yourself a pedometer and track your success

    The average healthy adult should be aiming for 10000 steps a day and it's amazing how many more steps you can clock up when you have a pedometer motivating you to hit that number.

  2. Start or end the day with a walk

    Why not get up 30 minutes earlier each day and walk your way to a happier and healthier body and mind? It will wake you up and invigorate you for the day ahead or help you relax after a day at work. Even the walk to the bus stop or train can be included in this.

  3. Listen on the go

    iPods and mobile phones are revolutionary for walkers! Listening to some music or a podcast while you walk will make the time fly and maybe you'll learn something new too.

  4. Walk to the shops

    Although you may not be able to carry your entire week's groceries home with you, this way you can visit the shops more frequently. If the shops are too far to walk the park in the farthest corner of the parking lot.

  5. Speed intervals

    To boost cardio benefits, do speed intervals. Alternate one minute of walking at moderate intensity with one minute of walking at a vigorous intensity. Repeat 10 times and then take a 5-minute cooldown.

  6. Join in with the kids

    Playing frisbee soccer netball tennis etc burns calories while you're not even thinking about it! Walk or jog around the courts/oval while your kids play sports.

  7. Go for a walking meeting

    Instead of sitting down for a meeting or a coffee at work get takeaway and arrange to go for a walk.

  8. Pick the right shoes

    Invest in a decent pair of walking shoes that are actually a pleasure to put on and make you want to get out and walk and which offer a sufficient amount of cushioned support.

  9. Park tactically

    If possible park the car a 10 minute or so walk away from work or your kids' school. Not only will you avoid the backlog of cars fighting for the closest possible spot but you'll have time to clear your thoughts before work or connect with your children as you leisurely walk and talk together.

  10. Take the stairs

    It's time you ditched the elevator. And even when you're using a moving escalator walk up and down rather than standing stationary. Your glutes will thank you!


Written by Georgie Drury

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