Improve your work performance by skipping sugar

Do you want to succeed? Do you want a pay raise? Do you want to follow through with your ideas? But it’s not likely to happen with your lack of concentration, tiredness and low feeling at the moment. Find out how to improve your work performance with a simple trick:

Skip sugar!

New Zealand based nutritionist Alex Shand provided her expert advice to educate us on sugar and carbs and the metabolic functions and consequences they have.

Skipping sugar will not only improve your overall health but will significantly advance your performance at work.

How? Skipping sugar will result in:

- Optimised brain functionality.

Foods high in sugar cause your body stress and inflammatory processes that impact on your nervous system. You will literally think more clearly and have a fresh mind when skipping the sugar. Your stress levels will decrease, which results in calmer and more reflected decision-making ability.

- Not crashing with low energy levels anymore.

The body’s metabolism processes sugar quickly. After eating a chocolate brownie your blood sugar levels, as well as your perceived energy, spike on a very high but will decrease equally fast. Shortly after eating and digesting the sugary food you’ll crash with no energy, feeling flat and lethargic. Healthy replacement snacks will keep you full, fit and energetic for much longer.

- Improved resilience.

More energy and less stress will result in increased resilience levels. Your concentration, motivation and energy will last for much longer than usual making you more resilient to the daily work hurricane.

- Your best look ever.

Without excessive sugar consumption, you will look the best you ever have. Sugar breaks down the elastin and collagen in your body. Skipping sweets, therefore, results in spotless skin, an athletic figure and a toned body which will make you feel awesome about yourself and boost your confidence. Your boss and colleagues will perceive you much more positively as your radiance says: “I’m strong, healthy, successful and looking after myself.”

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