Get motivated

5 mind motivators to keep you exercising

Here are our top 5 tips on how to keep yourself motivated whilst exercising, especially on those cold and rainy days.

How to skyrocket your motivation - right now

Whether you're trying to drum up motivation for that tricky task, or trying to rediscover your mojo for life in general, these tips can help you out of your slump.

Combat the effects of obesity

Use the power of the internet to wage war against unwanted weight? You bet. How the internet can help with reducing obesity and combating the effects of obesity.

Be inspired to run

Running is easier than you think - all you need is a good reason. This will inspire you to run.

Goal setting 101

Setting goals is one thing, actually achieving them is another. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a goal that works for you and actually achieving it!

Do something good for yourself

Finding yourself always caught up between work, family and social events? It's clichéd to mention how busy the modern lifestyle is, but do take a time out.

Turn 'one day' into today

How about turning 'one day' into today.

Exercise the mind to benefit your running

We too often see our bodies as being separate from our mind. Find out 5 ways to create harmony between the two and how it can benefit your running.

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