Financial fitness

Beware of the money tiger

If you were trapped in a jungle and you knew there was a Tiger lurking, would you like to find out where it is? Would increased awareness improve your chances of survival?

Women: take control of your money

With women living longer than men, it is as important as ever to take control of your money.

Debunking myths on super and the budget

Is it time you thought about your future? Learn about super and what the budget means for you.

Why is employee financial health good for business wealth?

Learn more on how financial health affects your productivity, happiness and general wellbeing.

Reducing debt

Learn how to overcome your credit card debt and leave financial stress behind with these tips from CHOICE.

Finance Apps

Check out these finance apps that help you manage your money.

How to save money this Christmas

We've collated a range of tips and tricks that will help you budget and manage your spending during the holiday season.

Map My Plan Series Part 1: Financial fitness

Find out about the four pillars of financial health.

Map My Plan Series Part 2: Financial fitness of Australian employees

Some statistics on the financial fitness of Australian employees.

Map My Plan Series Part 3: Your financial aspirations and concerns

Check out these survey results that clarify your financial aspirations and concerns.

Map My Plan Series Part 4: Financial Stress in Australia

Almost half of all Australian workers are worried about their financial situation. Find out more.

Map My Plan Series Part 5: Impact of financial stress in the workplace

Read about the impact of financial stress on your workplace productivity.

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