Make the right food choice

Are you focusing on quantity - at the expense of quality - when it comes to your food?

Now I don't mean that you are simply eating too much junk. Perhaps it is that you are carefully measuring how many carbohydrates you eat or how many kilojoules you take in and forgetting that the quality of those carbs or those calories are just as important.

Does it make sense to you that in many of the latest diets, a calorie of lollies counts exactly the same as a calorie of fresh berries? Yet one of these options is obviously worse for your body than the other. One provides your body with lots of essential nutrients, vitamins, sugars, and antioxidants. The other is just highly processed carbohydrates and sugars with some chemicals and flavourings thrown in for good measure.

Some diets may even go into a little more detail and ask you to measure the quantity of carbs vs protein vs fat in your diet. Does it make sense to you that all fats are measured equally? Should the healthy Omega-3-rich fats in a nice piece of fish be counted in the same way as the fat from that hot dog? Of course they shouldn't.

Get the ratios right

Does this mean that eating the right quantities isn't important? Well of course not. It is really important not to overeat (though you will find that it is really hard to overeat when you are eating the right things). It is also really important to get the right ratios of fats to protein to carbohydrates. Our modern Western diets tend to be way too high in carbohydrates and too low in protein compared to what our bodies are designed to eat. Think about it. All of the carbohydrate-laden bread, pasta and cereals combined with the sugary snacks lollies and processed food we eat means that the balance is right out.

So, by all means, try to eat reasonable quantities and try to balance out the ratios but make sure that you are doing it with healthy foods. It would be equally ridiculous to try and reduce the ratios of, for example, carbohydrates by stopping your intake of healthy food. Any diet that tells you not to eat fruits and vegetables (given what we know about the fabulous health benefits that they give) is downright dangerous.

So get your healthy fats and proteins from organic grass-fed meat, small fish, healthy nuts and seeds, and eggs. Get your healthy carbohydrates from good quality organic fruits and vegetables. And get your hydration from clean fresh water. If you eat only these quality ingredients in the right balance (plenty of protein!) you will find that the quantity tends to take care of itself.

Written by Dr Brett Hill.

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