Merry Fit-mas

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Forget the 12 days of Christmas, here’s the 12-minute Christmas workout.


It’s an indulgent time, but exercise can help combat holiday weight gain over the festive season. To help you look (and feel) your best, personal trainer Kristy Curtis has designed this 12-minute workout to get you festive-season ready. Do the below from start to finish, focusing on good form (and the pudding you’ll earn on the other side).

Sumo squats

Why: “Squats are an effective way to work the butt, thighs, hamstrings and even your core,” Curtis says.

How: Standing with your legs wider than your shoulders and your chest proud, squat down until your bottom is in line with your knees, driving your bodyweight through your heels as you stand back up.

Aim: 2 sets of 12.


Hip extensions 

Why: “These strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and lower back without putting pressure through your knees,” Curtis says.

How: Lying on your back with shoulders flat on the floor, push your bodyweight through your heels and drive your hips towards the ceiling.

Aim: 2 sets of 12.


Multi-directional lunges

Why: “These target all aspects of your legs plus your hips, glutes and core,” Curtis says. 

How: Step one leg forward and lunge down. With the same leg, step to the side, lunge, then to the back, and lunge. Repeat on the other leg.

Aim: 10 sets per leg.



Why: “This upper-body exercise tones the shoulders, chest and core,” Curtis says.

How: With hands outside your shoulders and in line with your chest, draw your navel inwards and keep your neck in line with your spine. Try to lower yourself down so your chest is in line with your elbows, then push yourself back up. This can be done on the knees if you’re a beginner, or on the toes if you’re advanced.

Aim: 2 sets of 12.


Tricep dips 

Why: “Dips are great for sculpting those problem areas underneath your arms – the ones that start to sag with age,” Curtis says.

How: With hands behind you and palms towards your bottom, place them shoulder-width on a flat bench, chair or sofa, with legs about 30cm in front and knees bent. Keeping your bottom close to the back of the bench and chest lifted, try to lower yourself down so your elbows reach 90 degrees to your body.

Aim: 2 sets of 12.



Why: “This is one of the most effective exercises to work the muscles responsible for holding you up and supporting your back,” Curtis says.

How: On the floor with your forearms on the ground, your back straight and your bottom in line with your shoulders, draw your navel inwards and put your bodyweight in your elbows, forearms and fists. This can be done on the knees if you’re a beginner or on the toes if you’re advanced.

Aim: 60 seconds.


The Superman

Why: “This helps build up the muscles in the lower back – important if you tend to sit at a desk a lot,” Curtis says.

How: Lying face down with arms and legs extended, raise your right arm and left leg about 8cm off the ground. Repeat on the other side of the body.

Aim: 10 on each side.


Shadow boxing

Why: “Shadow boxing is a very effective way to sculpt the shoulders and arms,” Curtis says.

How: Make a fist and place hands at your chin with elbows tucked in. You can try some jabs and crosses (punching straight out in front) then add hooks and uppercuts, turning your hips and using your legs for an all-over body workout.

Aim: 1 minute of straight punches.


If you haven’t done any exercise for a long time, are just getting started on your fitness journey or have a health condition, speak to your doctor before you get started. 




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