Recipe ideas for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Want to be the envy of your colleagues for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea? Looking to cook something new in the kitchen?

Try one of these recipes, and we guarantee you'll be responsible for a few smiles in the office! We've included a few options to suit common dietary requirements, so no one is left hungry.

Blueberry and pecan bread

Bored of banana bread? Probably not, but we reckon this delicious nutty recipe is just as tasty, and it's perfect for sharing.

Chicken and grape party sandwiches

You wouldn't imagine that it works, but these chicken and grapes sambos are always a winning combination.

Avocado dip trio served with crusty bread

Avocado is an Australian favourite, so these dips are sure to be a hit. Do them justice with some lightly toasted bread.

Grape and prosciutto crostini

Here's another great grape combo. You can bring the ingredients to work in containers, then assemble the crostini for morning tea.

Chestnut, pear and orange powerballs

Looking for an energy boost? These powerballs will give you a mid-morning lift, and they look pretty impressive on a plate too.

Flourless orange and almond cake

Do you have an hour on your hands to whip up something special? Satisfy any cake cravings with this flourless treat.

Raspberry and hazelnut muffins

If you're passionate about baking, add these fruity muffins to your resumé.

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