Springday chats with PILOXING founder Viveca Jensen

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Virgin Active’s CBD Health Clubs have introduced the hottest new fitness craze to their timetable - PILOXING ®. PILOXING uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates.

We’ve had a chat with the LA-based founder of PILOXING, Viveca Jensen, to find out more about the phenomenon and what inspired her to come up with the class.


How and why did you come up with PILOXING ®? What was the moment of inspiration? What was your fitness background?

I was born in Sweden where I grew up as a dancer, training at the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy and received my Master's degree in Dance. I later followed my dance career to Los Angeles, CA, where it was cut short due to a knee injury. I was able to rehabilitate my knee with Pilates and loved it so much I got certified and trained under Master Pilates instructor, Ivon Dahl, a protégé of Bruce King; an original instructor for Joseph H. Pilates. I am also a Master Pilates instructor and own a studio in Los Angeles, CA where I train my private clients.

I came up with the concept of PILOXING® 6 years ago while training my private Pilates clients in a small studio in Los Angeles, CA. My clients started to ask how they could incorporate cardio with their Pilates reformer sessions. I always trained in boxing for a cardio workout and to feel strong and powerful, I came up with the concept to combine the 2 disciplines (Pilates and boxing) after my clients were asking for cardio. I taught my first test class with my clients and they loved it! This led to more and more classes weekly. In 2010 I started the PILOXING Instructor Academy, which educates and licenses instructors to teach the program.


Why should people try PILOXING? What are its benefits? Who is it good for?

Boxing and Pilates have been, and continue to be 2 very popular fitness disciplines for decades. PILOXING is the first fitness program that combines the power and high-intensity cardio from boxing, withstanding Pilates movements based upon Pilates principles. People become addicted because they love the feeling of strength and power when throwing jabs, but also the feeling of control and focus with the Pilates principles. It's been proven that with PILOXING you will see and feel significant results, both physically and mentally. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

PILOXING works every single muscle in your body by doing squats, lunges, leg lifts (while balance on the opposite leg), boxing jabs and much more!  PILOXING engages your core throughout the class, which improves balance and posture and gives you strong, beautiful abs.  In order to maintain your balance and throw punches in the class all muscles have to work together in unison. PILOXING will tone your arms, lift your butt and give you long lean muscles in your legs.  In addition to Pilates and boxing techniques, this program incorporates the use of 1/2lb weighted gloves, which add to the workout by toning the arms and maximising cardiovascular health.

PILOXING is a barefoot program so although shoes are permitted we recommend that students try it without shoes.  Barefoot training strengthens the entire foundation of the body and improves arch support, ankle stability and body alignment as proven in recent studies. 

I have clients at my studio that range from 17 – 70 years-old. PILOXING can be done by everyone at different levels of intensity and with some modifications for those with injuries or limitations.  Beginners should push themselves to do as much as they can but focus on mastering the technique of Pilates and boxing.  More advanced students can push themselves harder by powering their movement more, bending deeper and stretching further.


Are there any celebrities that do PILOXING?

Yes, we’ve had celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, Melissa McCarthy, Emmy Rossum, Alexis Bledel, Kirsten Dunst and Tia Mowry have all taken my class at my studio in Los Angeles, CA. They’ve all come many times and love it!


How many times a week should someone participate? Are there other exercises that are good complements to PILOXING?

People who take the class twice a week will feel and see significant results in two months. Like any fitness routine the more you workout, the faster you'll see results. You can take PILOXING five times a week because you don't have to complement it with another workout routine. Clients get both muscle toning with cardiovascular training during the hour-long class. 


Is there anyone who should avoid PILOXING?

No, PILOXING is for everyone! :)

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