Top 5 reasons to enter an event

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Did you know entering an event increases your chance of smashing your goals?

We all know the feeling: the prospect of following a repetitive exercise routine week-in-week-out is a vacuum for motivation. To combat this, research proves there really is nothing like signing up for an event to keep you on the right track, be it a triathlon or an adventure course like Tough Mudder.

A recent study in Leisure Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Journal revealed that these mass-participation events are responsible for many entrants making a greater commitment to exercise as well as increasing the intent to participate again. Here are our top five reasons to sign up for one - now!


Top 5 reasons to enter an event

  1. It's all part of the bigger picture

    Whatever your long-term goals are, the best way to tackle them is undoubtedly through a series of short-term goals. A more progressive approach makes a daunting task far more manageable and for the runner hoping to one day complete a marathon starting off by completing a 5km or 10km race is a victory in itself as you build up to longer distances. Most events have different lengths on offer for you to try.

  2. Meet some like-minded people & buddy up for support

    The entire experience of taking part in an event can never be underestimated. Come race day, you'll be surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals and you might even find yourself a new friend or training partner who can help you in the future why not check out the community groups to see if there is someone in your area. Even in the lead-up to an event, it's a great idea to find a partner or group you can join to face your goals together - sharing the highs and lows of training and goal-setting does wonder for your confidence.

  3. Have a great time and do it for a great cause

    With a number of alternative sports starting to spring up there really is something for everyone especially those uninspired by running or swimming kilometre after kilometre. The Tough Bloke Challenge and Tough Mudder are full of challenging obstacles famous for both the thrills and the great atmosphere with its focus on teamwork. Ladies-only events like the Pink Triathlon are also perfect to enter with family or friends where you can have fun while keeping fit and raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

  4. Find your passion and keep training

    With an event under your belt, you'll be in a far better position to assess your workout strategy. If you're bored with the gym having a go at a pub run or a Warrior's Dash might inspire you to mix up your routine. On the other hand, if you're keen on your sport signing up for a race will add another dimension to how you train. If you're a swimmer you might try to get out of the lap pool and enjoy some ocean swimming or as a cyclist, you might want to include more hills and descents in your routine for a more intense and exciting ride. You'll be that more enthusiastic to join another event and when it comes around you'll be far more confident in your body and preparation in fact research proves that 30% of people who complete an event - keep training for another!

  5. Benefit your body and your mind

    Participating in an event and pushing yourself to the limit really is a great learning experience. Of course, you get the benefits of increased physical activity you will get fitter stronger and healthier but did you know you will benefit your mind. Completing an event gives you a natural sense of satisfaction and confidence you can do it again. You might be pleasantly surprised with how you went - seeing the other competitors around you might push you to perform that little bit better. If your event does go to plan that's great but if not you'll still walk away with a far deeper knowledge of your mind and body. Whatever happens, it'll be an experience to remember and part of the journey towards your goals.


Written by Jack Rothery

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