Top 5 tips for making healthy, tasty food from seasonal produce with HelloFresh

Want to cook fresh and healthy, tasty food? Then keep these 5 tips in mind.

Recently we talked to HelloFresh, a team of cooks who run a home delivery system of boxes containing family-friendly recipes accompanied by all the necessary ingredients. The team is working hard to design weekly menus that are simple, healthy, original and above all tasty. Together we devised the top 5 tips that will ensure you get the most out of your time in the kitchen.

  1. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables.

    Keeping up to date with what's in season will not only keep your food costs down, but it also means you are eating food with the greatest nutritional density and flavour. You can easily find out what's in season by a quick Google search or by paying attention to the price of your fruit and vegetables at your local grocery store. The produce which is in season will be more abundant and more available locally, and therefore cheaper to buy.

  2. If it has a barcode it's probably not healthy.

    Cook with as much fresh food as possible. As a general rule, the available nutrients in packaged and processed foods do not provide much in the way of sustenance. Not to mention by eating fresh you will considerably cut down on your household waste. This actually becomes a good indicator of whether you are eating healthy or not: rubbish = poor health. So if you can reduce your rubbish output you will be on the right track towards healthier eating habits.

  3. Dietary variety.

    • Varying your weekly meals as much as possible will ensure that you maintain your newfound enthusiasm in the kitchen. It's best to think of a few of your favourite cuisines say Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, French and Australian and to plan your weekly meals accordingly. This will ensure you maintain a good level of variety in your diet and inspire you to try new ingredients and dishes.
    • We all eat with our eyes, so when it comes to your plate the more colour the better! This is another good rule to help guide you in your cooking conquests, as using more ingredients not only makes your dishes look great but also taste delicious. 
  4. Choose recipes that sound simple and tasty.

    • Read through the method of the recipes that catch your eye before you commit. If it sounds too technical or if you don't quite get what they are going for in terms of the flavour and feel of the meal, then it's either not for you or it might not turn out very well.
    • We are all busy people and not all of us have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen to produce a meal fit for the Queen. Pay particular attention to the expected cooking time of each recipe.
  5. Connect with your friends, family and community through food.

    The art of cooking and the pleasure of eating should be an educational, stimulating, fun and social experience. Ask for help in the kitchen when needed, and ask for space in the kitchen when help is not needed. Gather your friends and family around the table to appreciate the effort that's been put into the meal. And turn that TV off!

Visit the HelloFresh Official Website to learn more.


Co-written by HelloFresh and Natalie Saar


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