Turn 'one day' into today

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?

Are you still struggling with turning that "one day" in to "today"? One day I will stop smoking. One day I will get up early and start my exercise regime. One day I will start that detox. One day I will "spring clean" my home. One day I will start being more organized with my day-to-day tasks.

How about turning that "one day" in to today.

There are many disciplines out there that talk about the concept of visualization, and putting your idea, hope or wish out into the universe and asking for it to "show up"- the power of positive thinking, affirmations and visualizing your dreams. Whilst I think all of these concepts are wonderful, and very effective at helping to invite change, it's also equally as important to get off your butt to generate whatever change you would like to bring about, or else all those visions and hopes just end up being pipe dreams.

If this is the year that you would like to get your health and wellbeing on track, then what are you doing about it? Tomorrow, some day or one day will only keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle, every day or week being a New Year's Day with no resolution ever coming true.

One of my challenges is giving up coffee. I've been battling this addiction for years. I'll be fabulously disciplined for a few months and won't drink any coffee (I think I even lasted a year and a bit a few years back). But then I'll reward myself with a lovely little soy latte on a Sunday morning after a jog and swim at the beach, telling myself that it's just a treat, and before I know it I'm back on the one-a-day coffee habit, feeling slightly sluggish before I get my "hit", walking around in the morning with an overwhelming feeling of "needing" that coffee fix. It scares the pants off me! Every day since the turn of this year I have been telling myself that "tomorrow" I'll stop … but that day never seems to come about. So I am grabbing this bull by the horns TODAY, and forgoing my addiction in favor of bringing about a more happy and healthy me.

I know this may sound a little neurotic, as of all the vices in the world coffee is not THAT bad. But for me it is. I know how I feel when I don't drink it. I look, feel and function a million times better. So it's a little insane for me to choose anything different don't you think?

So what are you not choosing TODAY, that if you would choose it, it would bring about a more happy and healthy you?

Are you ready to really have what you have been asking for?

Written by Sam Sample

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