Wake up and put on your exercise clothes

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Are you looking for added motivational tips to make sure you exercise? Wake up and put on your exercise clothes, leave the heels in the cupboard, and get yourself ready to move.

A benefit of working from home is having no dress code. Since most home office workers don't see clients every day, they are free to wear their comfiest exercise clothes to work - after a workout or walk of course! Put the clothes out ready at night so you don't forget in the morning.
Do you work in an office or retail environment?  You can go to work in your trainers then change shoes before work. You will find yourself bouncing up the stairs instead of the escalators, and you will be able to walk fast without hurting your feet or calves. It will also prevent the long-term damage of wearing high heels. To make it worthwhile, get off the train or bus a stop earlier and walk that 10 minutes extra.
Also, don't forget the benefits of cycling to work. It can save a lot of running costs, reduce carbon emissions, and also get you fitter as you pedal. You will have to map out a route and stay in the cycle lanes. When you get to work you might need to change into “work clothes" after a quick freshen up.


How to get started: Wear the right gear

Here comes the fun bit for us fashionistas...choosing the right exercise gear!


It's a top priority to get your feet into the right runners, cross-trainers or walking shoes. Brands which enjoy top ratings with users are:
Brooks - popular due to the longevity of running shoes - starting from $170
New Balance - popular with many styles for men and women - from $90 to $440
Adidas - have shock absorber adiPrene inserts designed for women's feet - $120
Asics - Women's Gear Training and Gym - $100
Merrell - designed for walking range of sandals, casuals and walkers which look swish too - various colours - from $170 - $230
Ryka - designed specifically for women (narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot) walkers, runners and cross-trainers $20 - $180 (only at Athlete's Foot)
Dunlop Cathy Freeman style - for an all-around budget runner - $60
Check out Amart All Sports if you're on a tight budget or Athlete's Foot if you need help with fitting to your style of running (turning in, turning out) or exercise type.


2. Clothing: T-shirts crops or singlets?

If your choice is a t-shirt style try to get Dri fit (Nike or even your Kmart brand) so that your sweat is wicked away. Slazenger makes a v-neck loose-ish tee.
If it's a singlet you seek, find one with an inbuilt bra that fits snugly. Try the Target Active sport singlet has a built-in shelf bra racerback and is extra long.
For many women, a sports bra is a necessity rather than a luxury. For yoga and pilates, you can get away with a crop or built-in bra in a singlet. I'm happy with my Triumph crop bra for light support. You can also get a Triumph high-impact sports bra with smooth styling.
Many women also love Bendon bras. Rated best for high impact exercise, Bendon Sports bra has flexible underwire and provides great support.


3. The low-down on bottoms

Team the top with some shorts or knee-length tights. With tights, it's important to get the right fabric for your needs. Can someone please give back my Running Bare tights? The Microlite fabric draws the sweat to the fabric's surface and is of high quality. Bras make tights that will keep in place, quite good for Yoga and Pilates. Speedo Swym tights are designed for comfort in the wet and are good value.
If you like to hang loose, you can get cropped trackie daks such as Everlast perfect for boxing. If you like shorts look for breathable cotton or moisture-transfer fabric and a style which lets you have ease of movement.

Written by Leah Gibbs Founder of Work At Home Mums and the Lifestyle Careers Job Board

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