Want to fit more exercise into your day? Wear the right clothes.

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Ever since the Spice Girls launched in 1994, everyone around me has lovingly given me the nickname ‘Sporty Spice' primarily because I am always playing sport and am always wearing sporting gear.

Being involved in the fitness and wellness industry, and having decades of playing sport behind me, I have seen it, bought it, and worn it - but not necessarily liked it, or nor would wear it again. When I first started exercising, the concept of style and sport did not exist. We were wearing hideous shapeless cotton tops on ‘bike shorts' - how times have changed - for the better. Activewear is becoming a booming business and there are lots of choices out there.

More than just the functional aspect of exercise gear is the psychological one - did you know that what you wear can actually affect your behaviour? If you are wearing exercise gear you are more likely to exercise! Seems obvious but there is a science to prove it. So if you want to get more exercise in your day - put on your exercise gear.


How do you pick which brand of exercise gear is best?

When looking to be loyal to a brand,  I have a checklist which must be adhered to:

  1. It needs to do what it says it is going to do.

    If it is for Pilates, it needs to feel good before, during and after the class. If I am going to go for a run it needs to wick away my sweat and hold my boobs in place. I don't want it rubbing in the wrong spots nor my bum showing during a weird yoga pose.

  2. It needs to be stylish

    I don't want to look like the frumpy mum - instead, I need to be able to go from the office to my exercise class or session, then the supermarket, before I pick up the kids.

  3. It must be affordable

    I don't want to spend a fortune on gear, and I want to be able to update my wardrobe regularly, thus it must be priced accordingly.

  4. It must wash well

    Too often things look good on the rack, I wear them, wash them and they start to fall apart. Clothes must last more than one wear.


So which brand of exercise gear do I wear? Abi and Joseph. Their gear is fabulous, ticks all my sporting boxes, and the best part - it is Australian owned.

I first bought Abi and Joseph a few years ago to wear in my Pilates class - and that is actually where the name comes from - The 'Abi' is, of course, the founder Abi White. The name 'Joseph' comes from Joseph Pilates - the originator of the Pilates method, and an inspiration for the clothing that was being developed. Since 2006 the team has launched additional lines including high performance / high-intensity gear as well as their traditional yoga and pilates activewear, enabling me to always find something to suit my every need. I wear my Abi and Joseph for running, netball and climbing, as well as pilates and walking the dog - Gerri Halliwell eats your heart out.

Written by Georgie Drury


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