What to eat and do when you're craving sugar

Are you a sweet breakfast person? Or are you one of those who loves to have a dessert after a hearty meal? There may be millions of other reasons to crave sugar, and with no doubt – everyone experiences it from time to time.

We believe we don’t need to explain to you why and how bad excessive sugar consumption is for you. So what can you do when the craving moment hits you?

Check out our tips:

1. Grab some gum

Research has shown that chewing gum reduces food cravings. It can also have a kind of sweet taste so your brain and body get everything they want and need.

2. Reach for fruit

Instead of going for the doughnut reach out for some fruit as a healthy alternative. Although fruit contains fructose, one of the main sugar types, it has lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are necessary nutrients for good health.

3. Go for a walk

Distract yourself. Instead of sitting at your desk thinking about a brownie the whole time, distract yourself and do something for your health. Go for a five-minute walk and look forward to the points you’ll earn for those extra steps.

4. Choose quality over quantity

Instead of having a fatty sugar loaded snack, go for a better quality one. Do some research and find flour and sugar-free sweet alternatives. Be prepared, the choice might overwhelm you!

5. Eat regularly

When you stick to a healthy eating schedule with balanced main meals and healthy snacks, your appetite and blood sugar levels should ideally never sink to a low that puts you into a sugar-craving circumstance.

6. Have a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water will instantly fill your stomach and send neurological news to the brain to realise that you are truly full. You craving should decrease instantly.

7. Brush your teeth

If your craving is out of control, brush your teeth. Having a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth will decrease your sugar craving and after a while, condition your body to not crave sweets after your teeth are cleaned.

8. Make a compromise

If you cannot resist at all, have just a tiny bit or find a healthy replacement, such as seed, fruit, nuts, (healthy) muesli bars, dark choc, hummus or pistachios. Women’s Health Magazine suggests mini whole-wheat pretzels.

9. Find a sweet breakfast alternative

Doesn’t a whole-wheat toast with strawberries or plain yoghurt with fresh fruit sound amazing?

10. Combine foods

If you can’t resist and don’t want to swap you can just stay in between. Why not combine a bit of dark chocolate with a few almonds?

11. Go cold turkey

If you are one of the tough ones go cold turkey. The first two days might be hard but it steadily gets better after.

12. Stay away from artificial sweeteners

A study run by Harvard showed how unhealthy artificial sweeteners are. 

Try natural sweeteners, such as stevia, instead.

13. Reward yourself

Set a goal or reward. If you stay away from desserts for a whole week get yourself a little treat. This type of challenge motivates you to stay strong.

14. Slow down and reflect

Before you indulge, take a deep breath and reflect. Do you need this doughnut? Is it necessary for your survival? Think about the consequences it will have on your blood levels, your brain, concentration, your skin, your figure.

15. Find a sugar buddy

Just as a running buddy can support you to stick with your routine, a sugar buddy might motivate you to stay off it. You can start giving up sugar together and update each other on your own progress.

16. Go easy on yourself, too much pressure isn’t healthy

Don’t be too harsh. Putting yourself down in case you enjoyed your mom's homemade custard will not be the end of the world. Let it go and focus on the opportunities that will come up where you defeat your craving. 

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