Chris McClimont


Education and Credentials

Certificate 3 Group Training

Certificate 4 Personal Trainer

Certificate 4 Weight  Management

Blue card



Strength Training | Weight Training | Functional Training | Group Fitness



Phone: 0400207066



About Chris:

I commenced training as a personal trainer 5 years ago after my husband passed away.  I took a look at my own life, realised I was heading for major health problems, with being over weight, family history of heart problems, diabetes, and back problems after a bad fall.  I commenced building up my own personal physical fitness and strength, then, as I have a passion for seeing people reach their fitness and health goals, trained as a personal trainer.  I have taken boot camp style training in parks, functional style training in gyms, as well as personal training.  I don’t see age as a barrier, my clients have ranged in age from 14 years up to 75 years old. I adapt my training style according to the needs and requirements of my clients.  My own passion is for lifting heavy weights and building muscle, as this is the foundation to keeping yourself fit and healthy into old age.  If you are interested in a trainer who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, then I am the trainer for you!  If you want a trainer who is passionate about health and fitness, this is what I live for!  


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