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Willows Exercise Therapy - Janet Cross

Meet Janet

Diploma of Fitness, (2016) – AIPT

Pilates Instructor | Yoga Instructor

Exercise for Women | Exercise Therapy



Specialising in Pre & Post Natal Exercise Care

Functional Fitness


About Janet

I am passionate about health and wellness and goal is to encourage all women to embrace movement, making it a positive experience in their lives. We are all unique, with bodies that respond to exercise in different ways. I consider my role to be one of coach and mentor, and believe fitness should encompass mind, body and spirit.


My training combines strength, cardio, pilates and yoga, and walking in the fresh air and sunshine.

In my free time, I am an avid reader, movie lover and binge watcher of Netflix (shhh…). I am a proud mother of two teenage daughters and adore my partner and dog.


What's on

Health Living on a Budget Workshop


Upcoming Events

September 14th: Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat

September 24th: Healthy Living on a Budget Workshops 11am & 6pm

September 29th: Willows Pet Walk


What is your wellbeing goal
for 2019?

Gail - QLD
To get fit and lose weight