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Willows Exercise Therapy - Wendy Merrin

Meet Wendy

Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, (2014) – Fit College

Graduate Certificate in Psychological Studies | Mindfulness Teacher Training

Masters in Biomedical Science

Studying Masters in Sports and Exercise Science



Individual Coaching | Exercise Therapy

Movement Awareness & Correction


About Wendy

I work with people’s current body movement to help them move better; reducing the risk of injury and poor performance. Using biomechanics, I help align your structure and muscles to coordinate your action in line with the skeleton. This builds strength to support and overcome physical obstacles in daily activities and/or workplace practices.


I am passionate about helping form new patterns and habits, introducing breathing techniques, and working with the mental connection to the body for efficient movement.


I am a lover of learning, teaching and reading, always curious and amazed at everything around me and how we are all integrated together.


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December 7th 8am to 12pm: Willows Markets


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