F.I.V.E. Family Fitness

Pauline Metzroth - F.I.V.E FAMILY FITNESS

Education and Credentials

Certificates III in Group Training

Certificate IV in Personal Training

Certificates in Mental Health, Special Needs and Community Services

Senior First Aid and CPR | Blue Card



Aquatic Exercise | Mature Aged Clients | Family Groups | Culturally Diverse and Special Needs Clients 



Phone: 0411 133 382 (1-6pm only)

Email: fivefamilyfitness@gmail.com


About Pauline

I commenced my career as an aqua-aerobic instructor at the age of 17. My Mother was very unwell and through aquatic exercise was able to walk again, sparking my passion to help others with a disability or mental health issues.

Later in life, I became a powerlifter which took me worldwide, resulting in an international record in the first Women's World Championships, USA.

My career has spanned 43 years, incorporating strength acquired from ballet training,

gymnastics skills and an attitude to succeed through greater health and vitality.

F.I.V.E. Family Fitness means - FITNESS with INCENTIVE to do your best with a VARIETY

of EXERCISE, whether aquatic or land based.

Education is part of my program, explaining body performance and successful goal setting. I work with people of all ages and cultures, both individually and as a family group. My approach will maintain your health in a safe but fun manner.


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July 16th  July For Jai Super Saturday

July 27th  Energy, Productivity & Mental Resilience for Winter