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Georgie Ovett - G.O Personal Training

Education and Credentials

Certificate 3/4 Fitness Instructor & Master Personal Trainer

International Sports Science Ass.| USA and AIS | VIC

Advanced Cert 3/4 Mat Work and Reformer - Authentic Pilates Ed. Intl. NSW

Stretch Therapist - Stretch Studio | Australia 



Focus: Stretching | Women's Training | Weight Loss | Functional Training  



- G.O Personal Training

- 0417 645 924

- @g.opersonaltraining 

- www.facebook.com.au/g.opersonaltraining


About Georgie

Over the past 7 years, I have worked with some of the world's most leading business men and women, celebrities, athletes and everyday heroes.  
My industry experience ranges from working in gymnasiums, private fitness consulting, corporate health management, government fitness programs for war veterans, and my own successful Bootcamp. 
A love of sport, becoming a professional athlete and a passion for helping people have greatly influenced my engagement with clients. My approach of "Treat every client and session as your first" and going back to basics helps create an enjoyable training environment.


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