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New Year's resolutions are hard to resist. As the parties wrap and the sun rises on a new year, we tend to start plotting how we can become better versions of ourselves. One in which we’ll be more productive, happier, healthier, wealthier... you know the drill. Making resolutions is easy, but sticking to them can be hard. After all, motivation is a finite resource and life gets in the way sometimes, so losing sight of your goals is bound to occur. So how can you turn your good intentions into real, impactful change in 2019?

Leading experts including positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, dietician Dr Joanna McMillan and finance expert Cathryn Gross are serving up a wealth of bite-sized gold to help you achieve your goals this year. Learn about the best his n' hers health goals for men and women, how to set goals (and actually achieve them), the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their happiness AND how to get your financial health on track. There's something for everyone so take a look - and here's to your best year yet.


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  …His & hers - things men and women need to be aware of when it comes to their health 25 Read
  …Happiness isn't hard, but it's not that easy either. 25 Read
  …How to set goals and actually achieve them 25 Read
  …Are your finances healthy? How to make the most of your paycheque and set yourself up for a financially healthy future 25 Read
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  …Healthy goals for men 25 Watch
  …Healthy goals for women 25 Watch
  …New year, new you - again? 25 Watch
  …Fear of failure and how it could be standing in the way of your happiness 25 Watch


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