Something NEW is coming! 


Get healthier, calmer and inspired to build better daily wellbeing habits, with our #LetsKeepMovingTogether 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge launching Monday 1st June.


The #LetsKeepMovingTogetherChallenge has a weekly focus: 

• My Game Plan – activate your Ultimate Coach – allowing you to create the wellbeing plan that is right for you 

• My Mind Game– activate your Ultimate Coach – allowing you to stay on track with your wellbeing plan 

• My Community Game– activate your Ultimate Coach – allowing you to stay connected to community and finding the support you need  

• My Body Game – activate your Ultimate Coach – allowing you to make the right choices for your physical wellbeing. 


Each day you will be served fresh content that inspires you to: 

You will be able to access: 


On-Demand Work-Out Libraries 

Wellbeing Library 

Podcast Station 

Wearable Tracking  

On-line Fitness Diary 

Weekly Wellbeing interviews with some of Australia’s leading wellbeing experts 

And so much more… 


You can also win prizes: 

To help you with your motivation, let’s get competitive! 


The #LetsKeepMovingTogether Wellbeing Challenge is a game. The more daily activities you complete the more points you earn and the more chances you have of winning some great prizes, including Garmins, Myzones, Personal Coaching Sessions, Membership Packages and much more… 


How do I become involved? 

If you are a Willows Digital member there is no need to sign up, we will automatically add you to the challenge. 

If you would like to be part of the challenge but are not a Willows Digital Member you can become a member HERE or purchase the 30-Day Challenge for just $29.95 HERE.  


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