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It’s been an action-packed year, and the summer holidays are blissfully within sight – but first, there’s a lot of events to get through and deadlines to meet. The best way to navigate the end-of-year craziness is to keep your health and wellbeing in tip-top shape. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on a group of people who aren’t so great at looking after themselves: men. Experts say men don’t prioritise their health the way women do, so if you’re of the male variety – or you’ve got some special men in your life – read, listen and watch our awesome advice on achievable ways to boost your wellbeing, dude-style. There are, as always, plenty of great tips to help you live your best life (no matter your gender).

On board for the journey are positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy), naturopathic nutritionist Reece Carter and GP Dr Ginni Mansberg. 


 #1 - Recognise someone special
  ...Recognise a man in your life who deserves acknowledgement 100 Share
 #2 - Share a photo
  …Men share a photo of your mo or how you are supporting Movember. Women show us how you're supporting the men in your life. 100 Share
 #3 - Listen to a podcast
  …The making of (healthy) men 150 Listen
 #4 - Read an article
  …Work hard, play hard... (fall hard?) 25 Read
  …A new man-ifesto 25 Read
  …Good men, good health 25 Read
  …Let's get physical 25 Read
 #5 - Watch a video
  …The biggest mistakes men make when it comes to their health 25 Watch
  …Breaking bad habits 25 Watch
  …Being a modern man 25 Watch


Our top tips and tools this November:

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