Money Habits to Thrive
Author: Spenditude
Duration:  7 days

Did you know it’s your attitude to money that has the largest influence on your financial wellbeing? And that this attitude to money is formed before you are 7 years old!?​

​We’ll help you become more aware of your money situation, because awareness = confidence. We’ll take you into the jungle, where you will be faced with avoiding the tiger… That tiger will actually be your own financial fears and reality. Plus, we’ll show you a game-changing equation that you can use for most purchases in the future, that may even enhance your relationships.!

​Finally, we’ll help YOU, link your heart with your head and your wallet, so that you can feel happier and in more control.

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Joanne - QLD
“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” — Arabian Proverb