Each SGT session style is rated for:

INTENSITY - What coloured heart rate zone you should be aiming for.

EFFORT - How many MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) you should aim to earn in that session



A blend of functional training exercises that will move you quickly from station to station activating every major muscle group.

INTENSITY - Mid Green Zone to Low Yellow Zone     EFFORT - 80 to 100 MEPS   



Traditional strength training with a team twist designed to work you from head to toe.

INTENSITY - Low Blue Zone to High Green Zone     EFFORT - 70 to 100 MEPS 



Fast and furious is the only way to describe this session. Sprints, Pyramids, Hill climbs and more all designed to make your legs and lungs burn.

INTENSITY - Low Yellow Zone to Mid Red Zone     EFFORT - 90 to 120 MEPS 



High intensity interval training blends bursts of intense activity with fixed rest periods to hit every muscle group, burn body fat and increase your fitness.

INTENSITY - Low Yellow Zone to Mid Red Zone     EFFORT - 90 to 120 MEPS


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