Come and train with like minded people in a supervised, supported environment. Our SGT coaches will utilise their different training styles and experience to help you get a better result from the time you spend in the gym. Four different session styles ensures that your training doesn't get stale and a seasonally changing timetable and quarterly pop up training workshops will keep you fit, focused and moving forward. View our current TIMETABLE here.



Willows Small Group Training has been designed to partner with Myzone Heart rate tracking wearable technology. Members wearing the monitor can see their heart rate data in real time. This gives our coaches the opportunity to adjust exercises, rest periods and technique to ensure your working at the right intensity. Each session is supervised by one of our SGT coaches and is rated for intensity utilising our Myzone Heartrate Tracking technology. This means that you can train smarter by matching your intensity levels to the specified intensity of the session. View the SESSION RATINGS here.

Each SGT session style is rated for:

INTENSITY - What coloured heart rate zone you should be aiming for.

EFFORT - How many MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) you should aim to earn in that session

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Willows Small Group Training membership includes unlimited Fitness Centre access, an eight weekly catch up with a Willows Fitness Coach and that's just the beginning! For more information contact our Willows Frontline team on 46 39 22 33 or press this button for an ONLINE ENQUIRY