Loads of Love 2019 Food Appeal

We can make a difference in the lives of others in our community, the heart of Willows, it's time to share the love.

Every kilo can change a life. Christmas is a great time of the year, a time for family, fun and friendship. Sadly, that’s not the reality for everyone. For some in our communities, Christmas can be a tough time of year. Many households struggle to simply put food on the table, but there’s something that we can do about that. The Loads of Love Appeal is all about ‘sharing the love’ by collecting and distributing non-perishable food to those in our communities who need support during the Christmas season. - Civic Community Services

Willows is totally onboard, encouraging all of us to fill a bag. It's easy, simply pick up a red Loads of Love bag from reception, fill it with non-perishable food items, and return it to Willows. 

Thank you - wow what an amazing family we are! 


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