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This month our feature class is Aqua@Willows. We offer both an AQUA and AQUA HIIT option to our members in our very own fitness club pool. 

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Aqua @WHLC is a low-impact, shallow water workout designed to improve fitness strength and balance. It incorporates the great benefits of water and is a great way to add variety to your traditional gym workout. Aqua classes include the exercises you would expect in a ‘dry’ aerobics class with the added benefit of water resistance to work against, as well as water support to reduce impact on your joints. Classes also incorporate pool noodles and dumbbells to create greater resistance in your workout. AQUA HIIT builds fitness levels through high intensity intervals and short rests performed in the low-impact environment.


  • Increase Strength – the flow of water in multiple directions creates great resistance to work against
  • Build Endurance – constant movement against the water combined with intervals of rest increases your ability to maintain effort and recover
  • Increase Flexibility – as the body moves against the push and pull of the water the joints naturally increase their range of motion to accommodate this
  • Alleviates pressure on the joints – the buoyancy of the water takes the impact off the joints making it ideal for those with arthritis and undergoing rehabilitation
  • Relieves Stress – watching water in motion is soothing and being in the water is relaxing having a positive effect on stress levels
  • Reduces Blood Pressure – water pressure also allows your blood to flow more effectively decreasing blood pressure, which in the long run decreases resting heart rate
  • Cooler Environment – allows you to exercise in the cooler temperature of the water making your workout more comfortable

It is clear Aqua is a great addition to your workout routine and will allow you to experience a great range of benefits! Aqua is offered at various times throughout the week. Find a time to suit you from our Group Fitness timetable and join us for some Aqua sessions in our WHLC pool.

For the month of September bring along an Aqua Aquaintance for free (limit of 1 person per class)

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