Willows Yoga

We love yoga. Mindful movement is a powerful way to enhance your training, develop strength and mobility while increasing your potential and perform better. Our Yoga studio has been specifically designed for you to experience a relaxing, personal space that focuses on your individual needs in a safe and private environment.


Health Benefits:

Long and strong

Mobility and stabilisation

Mind and body connection


Better sleep

Injury prevention

Know your body mastery

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Timetable and Session Styles

Willows Yoga encompasses many varied session styles to cater to all your yoga needs and skill levels. All sessions are rated for level of difficulty and experience to ensure that your getting the most from the time you spend in our studio. Click these buttons to view our current Timetable and learn more about our varied Session styles.


Prenatal Yoga

Learn how to incorporate yoga safely into pregnancy.  Breathing techniques to help relax and ease discomfort. Practice yoga postures to help with labour and birth, Increase strength and flexibility.

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