Suitable for all levels of fitness/experience


Mindful Yoga

60 minutes of slow, deliberate yoga practice, paying attention to alignment and challenging yourself at whatever level you are.


Mindful Moments

20 minutes of mindfulness and meditation. Also available as a separate class.



60 minutes of postures designed to release tension in the connective tissues of the body, rather than muscular stretch. Yin postures are held longer (typically up to 5 minutes) and helps increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. It also helps us to regulate the body's flow of energy.



60 minutes of yoga postures connected with breath and mindfulness. Level one is typically a gentler flow, and offers a variety of yoga styles. Great if you're new to yoga or require a gentler practice.


Suitable for all levels but some strength required



60 minutes of a stronger version to level one, designed to create more heat in the muscles to strengthen and tone. A variety of styles will be on offer, all with the aim to connect the moves with breath and mindfulness.



60 minutes of Yoga and Pilates, focusing on deep abdominal engagement and teaching correct alignment. A great support class for your strength/cardio classes as well as your yoga practice


Yin - Yang

60 minutes of a strong, "yang" vinyasa flow with the quiet, cooling "Yin" aspects of relaxing restorative poses. Great for tension release and muscle rehabilitation.


Some experience/strength required



60 minutes of yoga postures designed to challenge you and your abilities. Teachers will help you find your best options for each posture regardless of your experience level. Room is gently heated to assist with detox and mobility.


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