Suitable for all levels of fitness/experience


Mindful Yoga

60 minutes of slow, deliberate yoga practice, paying attention to alignment and challenging yourself at whatever level you are.


Mindful Moments

20 minutes of mindfulness and meditation. Also available as a separate class.


Wake Up Wednesday

60 minutes of yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises) to help revitalise and re-energise the middle of your working week.



60 minutes of postures designed to release tension in the connective tissues of the body, rather than muscular stretch. Great for tension release and muscle/injury rehabilitation.


Wind Down

60 minutes of gentle yoga movement at the end of a busy week. Breathe work and restorative poses to help alleviate the effects on our bodies and minds from the working week, preparing ourselves for a relaxing and revitalising weekend.


Suitable for all levels but some strength required



60 minutes of yoga postures connected with the flow of the breathe. Classes available to all levels of fitness as teachers can assist you to modify to your ability. Room is gently heated to assist with detox and mobility.



60 minutes of yoga and pilates, focussing on deep abdominal  engagement and teaching correct alignment. A great support class for your strength/cardio classes as well as your yoga practice.


Some experience/strength required



60 minutes of yoga postures designed to challenge you and your abilities. Teachers will help you find your best options for each posture regardless of your experience level. Room is heated to challenge and assist with finding your best yoga limits.


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